Home Services

Grow your business. Increase your revenue.

Home Depot Installers and Local Pros are at the core of The Home Depot’s Home Services. 

Join our growing Home Depot Installers or Pro Referral teams and connect to new business opportunities, potentially secure more consistent work and increase your revenue as a result. That’s the power of The Home Depot.

Receive qualified, quality jobs.

The Home Depot brings the work directly to you. Stop chasing potential jobs on your own that might not come through.



Home Depot Installer

Partner with The Home Depot to become an authorized installer to get bigger jobs like kitchen installations, window replacement, carpet installation and more!


Already a Home Depot Installer?


Pro Referral

Get leads for quick-service jobs such as interior door
installation, shower repair, light fixture installation and more!


Already a Local Pro?



Home Depot Installer

Benefits of being a Home Depot Installer

Increase Revenue Potential

Access to a vast customer base—The Home Depot is one of Canada's largest home improvement retailers with massive weekly consumer traffic. The widest local advertising campaign can't match that kind of targeted strategy.

Benefit from Powerful Marketing & Operations Support

Leave the marketing and operations to The Home Depot. Let us take the pain out of promotion, customer service and job management. You can focus on the work that you prefer - and do the best.

Continue Your Business's Independent Growth

Our Installers are able to continue running their existing businesses, in most cases, with their ongoing lead generating methods.

Become a Home Depot Installer

Grow your business by partnering with the #1 name in home improvement.




Pro Referral

Pro Referral is an exclusive benefit available to Pro Xtra members. As a Pro Xtra member, you can sign up to Pro Referral to become a Local Pro in Home Services.  Pro Referral is a platform that enables registered Local Pros to connect with customers and receive leads.

PLUS continue to enjoy all the other Pro Xtra benefits available to you.

How It Works

1. Get New Leads

1. Get New Leads

Earn Pro Referral Credits when you shop at The Home Depot. We then turn your Credits into job leads and connect our customers with pros like you.

2. Find The Right Fit

2. Find The Right Fit

Choose the right jobs for your business by talking to customers and getting specific job details.

3. Win The Job

3. Win The Job

If you are hired for the project, what you earn is yours to keep.

How To Sign Up

1. Become a Pro Xtra Member

If you are not already a Pro Xtra Member, you will first need to enroll in the program. 
Sign up for Pro Xtra

If you are already a Pro Xtra member, please login to your Pro Xtra Account and complete a Pro Referral application from your dashboard.

2. Complete a Background Check

You will need to complete a background check application and upload all required documents to our background check service provider.

3. Download the Pro Referral Mobile Application

Once approved as a Local Pro for the Pro Referral program, you will be notified via email to download the Pro Referral mobile app. Download the app and login to start receiving leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Pro Referral?
  • Pro Referral helps Pros develop their businesses by connecting them with local Home Depot customers. With effective job management tools and a convenient mobile app, Pro Referral makes it easier than ever to respond quickly to Job Requests, so you can earn more jobs.

    As a Local Pro for the Pro Referral program, you are an independent professional. What you earn is what you keep!

Is there a fee to participate?
  • Pro Referral is a credit-based service powered by The Home Depot. Each Job Request requires redemption of Pro Referral credits. You earn 1 Pro Referral credit for every $50 you spend on “Qualifying Purchases” (before taxes) made using your Home Depot Commercial Card linked to your Pro Xtra Account or with your Pro Xtra ID at The Home Depot Canada.

    There is an annual fee of $69 for your background check and additional fees may apply for background checks on any of your employees/subcontractors etc. that may interact with our customers. Fees are paid directly to the background check service provider at the beginning of your application, and for any renewals.

How do I receive Job Requests?
  • When Pro Referral matches you to a Job Request, Pro Referral credits will be deducted from your Pro Referral account. The Job Request will be sent directly to you through the Pro Referral App and you may contact the customer directly through your mobile device.

    How many credits do I need to get a lead?

    Electrician - 1 Pro Referral Credit
    Handyman - 1 Pro Referral Credit
    Plumber - 1 Pro Referral Credit
    Painter - 2 Pro Referral Credits

How do I temporarily pause receiving Job Requests if I am busy or away?
  • If you are busy or away, we recommend you change your profile setting to “Not Receiving leads’” through your Pro Referral app so you do not receive Job Requests during this time, and so that no Pro Referral credits are deducted from your account. You can change this setting at any time to ensure you don’t miss out on your matched Job Requests.

    If you are not in “Not receiving leads” mode, you can choose to pass on a Job Request, however Pro Referral credits will still be deducted from your account and frequently passing on your leads may result in fewer Job Requests in the future.

How is the payment process managed?
  • As an independent professional, you manage the Jobs Requests that get sent to you through Pro Referral. You and the customer are solely responsible for making payment arrangements with one another.

How do I get matched for a Job Request?
  • Matches are based on a number of factors, including a sufficient Pro Referral credits balance, skill set, work area and availability. The customer will receive up to 3 Pros to choose from, so responding in a timely manner is encouraged.

    Job Requests that have not been responded to within 72 hours expire, after which the customer’s Job Request will get re-matched with other Local Pros.

How do I win the Job Request?
  • You should offer the most competitive price possible for the Job Request, but customers consider many other factors, such as jobs completed, qualifications, and the amount of detail provided in your service profile.

Can I select more than one type of service in my Profile?
  • You can select up to two types of services in your Profile. For example, if you’re both a professional electrician and a handyman, you can be matched to Job Requests in both categories.

If I have two types of services selected in my Profile, how are Pro Referral credits deducted?
  • Regardless of the number of service types you have selected in your Profile, you will have one credit balance from which credits will be deducted. Credits will be deducted based on the value of the lead. Refer to Pro Referral Terms of Service for detail.

Who can I contact with questions?
  • If you have any additional questions about Pro Referral, please contact Pro Xtra customer service at 1-800-759-2070.

For complete Pro Referral Terms of Service, please see here.

For complete Pro Xtra Program Terms and Conditions, please see here.