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The most versatile electrical tester, performing several functions in one unit. Most can provide precise readings of resistance, AC and DC voltage, continuity, capacitance, and frequency.

Clamp meters measure current by clamping the jaws around a wire, cable or other conductor without disconnecting it.

These pocket-sized testers detect presence of voltage without touching the wires. They emit a sound or illuminate when voltage is detected. No numerical reading of the voltage is provided.

These testers plug into an outlet to identify the most common wiring faults. Some test both ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets and standard outlets.

Moisture meters help you detect moisture content in building materials in percent (%MC). Most are calibrated to drywall, masonry, hardwood, and softwood.

Measure surface temperature from a safe distance to pinpoint nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, spot energy loss sources and locate wire damage.

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Many wire cutters combine crimpers, strippers, and other tools into one. Some wire cutters have insulated handles that will prevent injury in the event of cutting a live wire.

Some screwdrivers have insulated handles and shafts to protect electricians against shocks.

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The Right Electrical Tools for Any Job

Finding the right electrical tools, including wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers and more, is essential in helping you get your project completed safely and quickly. There are many different brands, styles and accessories to choose from to make your job easier. Top brands like Klein tools, Fluke multimeters, Knipex tools and more offer great, reliable products to add to your toolkit.

Every job needs some electrical tape. Scotch tape, gaffer tape, Gorilla tape and others are all good options. Waterproof and weatherproof tape is essential as well to keep your electronics dry. Testing connections can also be made easier with the use of multimeters, moisture meters, battery testers and voltage testers. 

Make quick work of wire cutting with wire strippers, wire cutters, crimpers and other tools. These will easily let you strip wire for connection, without much hassle. You’ll also need the right screwdriver for the job. Torx screwdrivers, electronics screwdrivers, impact screwdrivers or just the traditional Philips or Robertson screwdrivers can help you get the job done right.

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