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Power Distribution

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The Leviton Smart Load Centre

Connect to your smartphone to enjoy easy access to real-time energy consumption data while controlling your breakers remotely.

Wiser Smart Energy Monitors

The Wiser Energy™ system from Schneider Electric monitors the electricity in your home, helping you manage power usage and spot inefficiencies that may increase your bills.

Shop Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch that turns the power off when it detects an electrical shortage or overcurrent, protecting you from electric shocks and electrical fires.

Double-pole breakers have two hot wires that are connected by a single neutral wire, so if there’s a short circuit on either hot wire, both will trip.

Single-pole breakers are wired with one hot wire and one neutral wire, so if there's an overload in a single-pole breaker’s circuit, only that particular breaker trips.

A Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit breakers add protection to an entire circuit, practical for spaces around water or in garage workshops or outdoor patio spaces.

An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) circuit breaker detects slow electrical leaks before they produce the heat and sparking that can cause a fire.

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Purchase panel packages that include both the service entrance main breaker loadcentre and circuit breakers.

Alternative Power Solutions

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The Right Electrical Tools and Accessories

Your home’s electrical system is constantly giving you power and keeping you safe. By using the best circuit breakers, transformers, fuses, breaker panels and more, you’re sure to have your home functioning at its peak, helping to save you energy and money.

Smart Circuit Breakers

Smart circuit breakers allow you to connect wirelessly to your panel and control your breakers remotely. Get notified about trips, issues and other problems on your smartphone and enjoy real-time energy consumption data to help you fine-tune your electricity usage. With an energy monitor, you can easily spot inefficiencies in your power usage that may spike your electricity bills.

Circuit Breakers

Choosing the right circuit breaker is also important. With many options like double-pole breakers, single-pole breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters, you’ll be sure to find the specific type of outlet or breaker for your space. GFCI’s are also great in areas with water as they’ll trip the entire circuit in the event of a surge, keeping you safe from potential shocks and fires.

Save More with Circuit Breaker Kits

Breakers can also be purchased in kits, giving you everything you need to start and complete your electrical wiring job. Purchasing everything together ensures that you have everything needed and helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

We’ve also got electrical transformers, disconnect and safety switches, meter sockets, surge protectors and other accessories to help you fully realize your electrical project. No matter what you need, you’ll find it all at The Home Depot Canada.

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