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Crafts & Hobbies

Get Creative with Cricut Craft Machines, Materials & Tools

DIY crafting is within reach with Cricut tools, machines and accessories. Find smart cutting machines, heat presses, materials and more online today.

Begin your crafting journey today or add a new tool to your toolbox with Cricut smart cutting machines, apps and accessories. Unleash your creative potential and wow friends and family with your DIY projects.

Shop Cricut Smart Cutting Machines, Tools & Accessories

Get crafting like a pro with unique Cricut smart cutting machines and heat presses. Designed for new crafters and long-time enthusiasts.

Choose the Cricut Machine That’s Right for You

Cricut gives crafters a range of project options with an assortment of unique machines. Try your hand at a range of crafts with Cricut Explore, Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker and more.

Cricut Explore 3

For the Creative Hobbyist

A full-featured cutting machine perfect for popular craft projects.

Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy

For the Creative Dabbler

Ideal for quick, everyday projects without the learning curve.


Cricut Maker 3

For the Creative Pro

The ultimate smart cutting machine with unique capabilities.

Cricut EasyPress 2

No Stress. Just Press.

The speed of a heat press. The convenience of an iron.

How Do I Use a Smart Cutting Machine?

Enjoy modern smart cutting tech with the Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker. Bluetooth-enabled, these Cricut smart cutting machines are a joy to use in any craft room no matter what you’re making.

Start your crafting project by using the Design Space app for a custom job. You can also use one of Cricut’s ready-to- create templates to get started right away.

Choose your material and load it into your new smart cutting machine. Most models work with paper, vinyl, leather, fabric and more, giving you tons of options to fit your creative vision.

Add details to your nearly finished project by writing, folding or engraving right from the same machine. Advanced Cricut smart machines can produce unbelievable results in no time at all.

Get Crafting with an Assortment of Unique Cricut Materials

Marvelous materials from Cricut help you turn your creative vision into something you can hold in your hand. Browse vinyl, paper and cards, fabric, foil transfers and more.

Complete Your Crafting Project with Essential Cricut Accessories

Bring your crafts to life with essential accessories from Cricut. Look for pens and markers, machine mats, specialty blades and more.

Find Inspiration with Cricut 

Give your creativity a boost with Cricut smart machines, materials and tools. Cricut essentials are the perfect pick for new and long-time crafters looking for that creative spark.

Start Crafting with Cricut

Craft projects should be tons of fun whether you’re a novice or long-time craft afficianado. Introducing technology into your crafting process can help you take on a new projects and do things that used to take hours in a matter of minutes.

Step up to an assortment of smart machines, useful tools and brilliant materials with essentials and accessories from Cricut at The Home Depot Canada.

Cricut Electronic Cutting Machines

A craft cutting machine doesn’t have to be difficult to use. With a personal electronic cutter from Cricut, you can be up and running in minutes. Cricut smart machines even include easy-to-use templates and a design app to help you create your own projects without spending days on the layout.

Controllable via Bluetooth and USB, Cricut makes a range of cutting machines for every crafter. Even better, most models offer a range of uses so you don’t need a separate paper cutting machine, vinyl cutter and fabric machine.

With Cricut smart cutting machines, you can do it all. Expand your creativity and finish projects faster with excellent results every time.

Cricut Heat Presses

Easily transfer any graphic onto the material of your choice with a Cricut heat press. Commonly used as a decal maker machine or sticker cutting machine, heat presses are a wonderful way to bring your designs to life from the comfort of your craft room.

Some Cricut machines can even help you cut stickers to give to friends and family once you’ve transferred your design. Mini heat press machines from Cricut are especially useful for these smaller projects.

Get Creative with Cricut Materials & Supplies

Take your crafts to the next level with special Cricut materials. From paper and cards to pens and markers, Cricut offers a range of materials that are perfect for your at-home craft projects.

You’ll also find a range of Cricut supplies to keep your smart cutting machine or heat press in tip-top shape. Look for machine mats, specialty blades and tools and an assortment of heat press accessories today.

Take the first step toward better crafts by adding a Cricut smart machine, heat press or all-in-one tool to your setup. We’ve even got a range of bundles that come with everything you need to get going from day one.

Find your inspiration today with Cricut smart machines, tools and materials at The Home Depot Canada.

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