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LED Lighting

LED Light Bulbs

Save energy by pairing your light fixture with the right LED bulbs.

Find the Right type of LED Light

LED Ready Light Fixtures

LED Ready Light Fixtures
  • Can be used with LEDs that have the correct wattage, size and shape.
  • Are typically sold without the bulbs.
  • Quick and easy installation with simple bulb replacement.

Integrated LED Light Fixtures

Integrated LED Light Fixtures
  • Built-in LED arrays with no light bulbs required
  • Designed to provide specific colour and lumen outputs with no bulb replacement
  • Provides longer lifetime rating than screw-in LED bulbs
  • Some are dimmable.

Functional Integrated LED

Choose the right amount of lighting for different areas of your home based on your day-to-day needs.

Interior Integrated LED Light Fixtures

Find the perfect integrated LED ceiling and wall light fixtures and never worry about bulb replacements

Outdoor LED Lighting

Find the perfect LEDs for your outdoor space. Choose from LED garden lights, LED flood lights and more illuminate your yard or deck.