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Bathroom Recaulking Rating


All figures based on 2021 Canada-wide averages.

Why Should I Use a Professional Bathroom Recaulking Service?

Need to caulk a bathtub or shower that’s old and moldy? Get professional bathroom caulking you can trust from The Home Depot!

We’ll connect you with up to 3 local pros in 24hrs or less!

Save Time and Money

Caulk that has been infected with mold or mildew must be thoroughly removed and resealed. Without the right tools and know-how, DIY bathroom caulking can be more time-consuming and costly than hiring a professional.

Improved Air Quality

In addition to reducing pest infestations, air leaks, and water damage, bathroom caulking can significantly reduce indoor allergens that trigger respiratory illnesses, providing you with improved indoor air

Recaulk The Whole House

Silicone caulk or a waterproof sealant can be applied wherever moisture, leaks and humidity exist in your home, such as the kitchen, basement, or laundry room. A local pro can seal your entire home, inside and out! 

Bathroom Recaulking Process

1 Submit your request

  • Submit your request below, including any details such as the extent of damage and number of rooms requiring caulk

2 View pros near you

  • Our automated technology will match your request with up to 3 qualified local pros within 24 hours or less.

3 Choose A Pro

  • Compare credentials, rates and services to determine which local pro is right for you, then schedule your appointment!

Why Choose Local Pros

Home Services

A Network of Professionals

We connect you with a network of insured, local professionals so you can easily compare rates and offers – right from your inbox!

Trusted Installers

Background Checked

All of our local pros are background-checked annually to ensure they meet our high standards for professionalism, service, and results!

Flexible Financing

Rated and Reviewed

Read reviews and ratings of our local pros from real homeowners just like you before hiring the professional that’s right for you!

What's Included

✔  Free Consultation to determine the extent of repairs needed

  Free Cost Estimate so you can compare offers

  Professional caulk/grout Removal of all previous application

  Caulk Replacement applied to all required areas including backsplashes, bathtubs, showers, baseboards, trim, fireplace, as well as exterior caulking

  Site Clean-up

Bathroom renovation

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

Ron Sims was professional and did a great job in recaulking our bathrooms and kitchen sink. His rates are extremely reasonable and I would not hesitate to hire him again for other tasks.

  • Location: BC

Booked with Ramin and he did a great job recaulking our shower. He took the time to get it right and had great attention to detail. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

  • Location: BC

My tub needed to be recaulked & Daniel was quick to the rescue. He responded promptly, worked quickly (both caulking and cleaning around the tub) & was reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend/employ his services again!

  • Location: SK

Alex did a fantastic job helping me complete with my bathroom reno. He is friendly, professional and very reasonable with quotes/charges. I appreciated his suggestions and knowledge when it came to the technical aspect of the project. One of my main issues was recaulking my bathtub area and he could tell right away that there was something wrong with the formula/texture of the silicone. He had the right tools to drill into porcelain tiles to hang several fixtures. He was very respectful of social distancing, wearing his mask and I felt safe having him in my home. Excellent work! I would definitely recommend his services/company and will be calling him for any future home renos!

  • Location: ON

Brent (Reimer Renovations) replied to our request immediately and was able to come and give us an estimate very quickly. He did an excellent job of scraping and recaulking both our tub and shower. We found him to be honest, prompt, and reliable. We have since hired him to do some additional Reno’s to our home.

  • Location: SK

My tub needed to be recaulked & Daniel was quick to the rescue. He responded promptly, worked quickly (both caulking and cleaning around the tub) & was reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend/employ his services again!

  • Location: SK

Bathroom Recaulking Checklist

You may require professional bathroom recaulking if you identify with any of the following:

Visible Mold Growth

Unseemly mould can appear on bathroom surfaces such as shower tiles, windowsills, grout, ceilings and drywall. Mold covering an area larger than 3ft x 3ft is considered medium – heavy and may require professional recaulking.

Musty Odour

Excessive mildew and mold can produce a musty odour in basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any room where there is minimal ventilation. A local pro can thoroughly seal as many rooms in your home as needed to reduce further mildew growth.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaking pipes behind bathroom walls or under flooring can produce mould and should be repaired as soon as possible. Consider hiring a local pro to thoroughly remove and re-caulk any damaged caulking.


Flooding in your bathroom can result in mould or mildew growth, which thrives on excess moisture and humidity. Hire a local pro to ensure that infected caulking is thoroughly removed, and a new waterproof sealant is applied to all potential crevices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Recaulking Questions

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