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All figures based on 2023 Canada-wide averages.

All of our heat pump installers are licensed HVAC technicians with many years of experience on the job. They are rated and reviewed by customers like you.

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort and Efficiency

Connect with a licensed heat pump installer today and learn more about how to upgrade to a clean, energy-efficient heat pump for your home.

Choose Heat Pump Installation If:

✔  You want an HVAC system that both heats and cools your home

✔  You want exceptional home comfort with class-leading energy efficiency

✔  You want to save on your heating bills for many years to come

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Go green and save with a Cold Climate Heat Pump!

  • Energy Efficient: A cold weather heat pump can reduce your annual energy bills by as much as 30%
  • Eco-friendly: Switching to heat pumps in cold climates reduces your carbon footprint and requires less energy than an air conditioner, electric baseboard heater, boiler, hot water heaters, and other temperature control devices
  • Dual-Purpose: Cold climate heat pumps are designed to function as both an air conditioner and heating unit in one
  • Lower Boiling Point: Even when the thermometer drops as low as -20° Celsius, a cold climate heat pump can continue heating your home efficiently thanks to the use of refrigerant with a much lower boiling point than traditional heat pump refrigerants*

How Does A Cold Climate Heat Pump Work?

A cold climate heat pump functions like an HVAC system to distribute hot or cold air through your home using less electricity, significantly reducing the need for fossil fuels.


During the summer, a cold climate heat pump expels indoor heat to cool your home. In winter, ambient air from outdoors is converted to heat and transferred indoors to keep you warm.


Typically, an air-source heat pump in cold climate produces less BTU's than propane or gas. In contrast to traditional heat pumps, the refrigerant in a cold climate heat pump has a much lower boiling point, allowing for optimal efficiency even at temperatures as low as -20° Celsius.

*Not applicable to all cold climate heat pumps; please see manufacturers’ specifications for details

Is a Cold Climate Heat Pump Right for My Home?

Used as a supplement or replacement to fossil fuels, cold climate heat pumps can be the ideal solution for homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. During your free consultation, our authorized installer will assess your home’s energy consumption and provide helpful product recommendations for the best possible value. We install 2 types of cold climate heat pumps for homes:

A central cold climate heat pump connects to a central HVAC duct from outside your home. The refrigerant coil inserted through your duct system connects to the outdoor condenser unit. A built-in fan pumps the converted hot or cold air through the duct system to your entire home. Your central cold climate heat pump can be used as a supplementary HVAC system, allowing you to switch between fuel sources for optimal savings and efficiency. During installation, your installer will program shut-off settings into the auto-thermostat control system so you can easily switch from one heat source to another.

Best Suited For:

  • Homeowners in cold weather climates ( -10° to -20° Celsius )
  • Multi-floor homes with a central duct system
  • Homeowners seeking to upgrade central HVAC duct system
  • Homeowners seeking to replace central air conditioning unit and reduce energy consumption
  • Homeowners seeking to convert from gas or propane to electricity
  • Homeowners in off-grid communities and winter climates

Ductless cold climate heat pumps, or mini-split heat pumps, are installed indoors and connected to a compressor unit outside of the home.

The refrigerant coil heats or cools the ambient air as needed, which is circulated by means of a built-in fan. In the absence of a duct system, multiple units can also be installed indoors to distribute hot or cool air throughout the entire home.

Temperature controls and auto-settings are programmed during installation by your installer so you can easily switch from one heat source to another for comfort and cost savings.

Best Suited For:

  • Homeowners in cold weather climates ( -10° to -20° Celsius )
  • Homeowners seeking to replace a duct HVAC system
  • Homes with open-concept floor plan
  • Homeowners seeking to replace central air conditioning unit and reduce energy consumption
  • Homeowners seeking to convert from gas or propane to electricity
  • Homeowners in off-grid communities and winter climates

How Does Heat Pump Installation Work?

Here’s now to get your project started.

Free consultation

1 Free Consultation

  • Book a free in-home appointment with a Home Depot Installer to discuss your new heat pump installation project and get a quote.

Professional installation

2 Installation

  • At a pre-scheduled time, the Installer will deliver your new heat pump and complete your installation.
  • The installer will follow established guidelines for heat pump installation to ensure that all equipment is installed safely and properly.
Follow-Up Inspection

3 Final Inspection

  • Upon completion, the Installer will inspect your new heat pump system, show you how to use it, and confirm that the project meets your approval.
  • They will haul away your old HVAC equipment for safe disposal.

Which Central Heat Pumps Do We Install?

Our central heat pump installers are committed to sourcing the right system for your home and budget. Some popular options include: 

Trane XL 16i H/P central heat pump

Trane XL16i H/P

Key Features:

  • Up to 17.00 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • 9.60 HSPF (heating season performance factor)
  • Protective Weatherguard Top™
  • Climatuff® compressor
Trane XR14 H/P central heat pump

Trane XR18 H/P

Key Features:

  • 18.00 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • 10 HSPF (heating season performance factor)
  • Woven Spine Fin™ coil
  • Climatuff® compressor
Trane XV18 H/P central heat pump

Trane XR14 H/P

Key Features:

  • Up to 14.50 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • 8.50 HSPF (heating season performance factor)
  • Woven Spine Fin™ coil
  • Climatuff® compressor
Ameristar M4HP4 central heat pump


Key Features:

  • Up to 14.00 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • 8.20 HSPF (heating season performance factor)
  • Safe, 24V low-voltage control
  • Quiet operation: max. 76 dB

How Much Does A Heat Pump Cost to Install?

In Canada, the average heat pump installation cost is $8,500 for a mid-range 2-ton unit, while prices can range from $6,950 to $13,000. Your heat pump installation cost includes your new equipment plus labour, before tax.

Your installer will be able to discuss all available grants, rebates and financing options to help you manage your heat pump installation cost.

Prices vary according to the size of your home and your local climate, which will determine the type of heat pump your installer will recommend. They will also consider any factors unique to your home that might affect installation or the equipment you need. Ask your installer as well whether any additional disposal fees may be applied to your project.

The following chart shows some popular central heat pump options and some basic price information:

Model Name

2-ton Average Price 2-ton Price Range

3-ton Average Price

Trane XL16i




Trane XV18




Trane XR14




*For illustrative purposes only. Price figures shown are Canada-wide, Quebec excluded, and include labour. Taxes extra.

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Heat Pump Installation Services from The Home Depot

A central heat pump keeps your home cool and reduces humidity during warmer months, then reverses function to heat your home during colder seasons. For an energy-efficient, single-unit home heating and cooling solution, consider central heat pump installation from a trusted Home Depot Installer.

Trusted Brands

For your next central heat pump installation, The Home Depot Home Services can help. The Home Depot Installs central heat pumps from top brands such as Trane®, Ameristar® and Comfortmaker®, each offering a combination of patented heating, cooling and air distribution technologies with quiet operation.

Energy Efficiency

A new, high-efficiency heat pump replacement project can save you money. This is because a central heat pump, available with SEER cooling efficiency ratings as high as 18 and HSPF heating efficiency ratings as high as 10, uses patented, state-of-the art heating and cooling components to regulate temperature in your home while maximizing energy efficiency.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Heat pump installation is an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to a gas furnace. While some heat pumps operate at peak efficiency in regions with mild to cool winters,  Our heat pump installers are proud to offer a range of new cold climate heat pump installation options that are specifically designed to handle the challenge of Canada’s cold winters.

As temperatures dip below zero degrees Celsius, heat pumps are designed to work together with a furnace or air handler to ensure optimal heat generation and distribution for your home. During your free, in-home consultation, your Installer will advise you on your best options for your central heat pump installation.

Trust the Home Depot’s professional heat pump contractors for your heat pump replacement or installation. Request a free, in-home consultation, and a Home Depot heat pump Installer will help you find the right central heat pump for your home. You’ll get a no-charge central heat pump installation cost estimate, so you can get your project started right away. Your consultation will help the Installer determine whether additional installation work is needed, such as new ductwork or other supplementary equipment.