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How to Build a Floating Deck with Multydeck™

How to Build a Floating Deck with Multydeck

Building a deck in your outdoor spaces no longer requires hours of planning, researching floating deck ideas and sweating out in the sun. With MultyDeck™, a patented product exclusively available at Home Depot, you can build a 16 x 16 foot floating deck in just a couple of hours!

MultyDeck™ is an economical and eco-friendly deck building material that allows easy and quick installation of wooden decks. The rubber base has 3 channels that hold 6-inch lumber or composite deck boards to create beautiful decking solutions for a variety of different spaces and surfaces. We’ll show you how to build a deck with MultyDeck™ step-by-step, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with your very own deck. It’s versatility and simplicity are truly what set this system apart. Build your deck on soil, sod, gravel, grass, concrete or even crushed rock in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. Simply use screws to secure the wood or composite boards to the rubber base and create amazing decks in your living spaces. The decks are portable and disassemble just as fast, so if you’re renting or camping this is a deck that can move as you do.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. Step 1 Prepare the Surface

    Prepare the Surface

    Before starting any decking project, check with your municipal office to make sure you’re compliant with your local building codes, regulations and zoning restrictions. Always wear safety glasses and gloves throughout the project.

    No matter where you build the deck, be it your backyard, patio or balcony, the first step is to ensure that the surface it completely level. To prepare the ground, first measure the layout and shape of the deck. Then add or remove ground material until you have a flat surface. The MultyDeck™ can be assembled on virtually any kind of surface, this includes dirt, grass, concrete, pea gravel and even crushed rock. We suggest that you lay down a landscaping fabric to prevent vegetation growth.

  2. Step 2 Create 16 Foot Panels

    Create 16 Foot Panels
    Create 16 Foot Panels

    Let us first understand how the patented MultyDeck™ rubber base works. As the picture shows, this base has 3 channels that cradle 6-inch wood or composite deck boards. The side-supports help in joining multiple panels using a joiner board, as explained in step 3.

    To build panels, place three pieces of the 16 foot deck boards and press the MultyDeck™ bases upside down along the length, with roughly 18-inches between successive rubber bases.

    Fasten the wood to the bases with two 1 5/8-inch screws per channel along the center line of the base. This completes a 16 foot panel.

    Make 8 such panels, each panel comprising 6 MultyDeck™ bases and 3 pieces of 16 foot deck boards.

  3. Step 3 Join the Panels

    Join the Panels
    Join the Panels

    Next turn the panels over, such that the rubber bases are now at the bottom. Line up the panels next to each other, allowing for a 5 ½-inch gap between panels.

    Now insert a 16 foot deck board between each set of panels, ensuring that this joiner board rests on the side supports. Secure the joiner board to the rubber bases by driving screws through the wood into the side supports.

  4. Step 4 Remove Outer Side Supports

    Remove Outer Side Supports

    Remove the outer side support using a utility knife. Your deck is complete, enjoy!

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