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How to Build a DIY Slat Wall

A black slat wall os shown behind a bed.

A slat wall is a beautiful feature that is easy to create in any room. With a few simple materials and tools, you can make a trendy, stylish slat wall that will become the focal point of the space. We’ll show you how – from cutting the slats to sanding and painting – in this guide.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Prep your Wall and Attach the Baseboards

    A person primes a wall with a roller.

    Once you’ve chosen the wall for your project, you’ll need to prep it. Begin by patching or filling any holes or nicks in the wall, then let it dry and sand it smooth. Once it’s smooth and dry, you can paint it with a coat of primer to get it ready for the slats. Then, using 2-inch brad nails, attach the baseboard along the bottom of the wall.

  2. Step 2 Measure and Cut your Slats

    A person measures a wall to get the size and distance for their slats.
    A piece of lumber is ready to be cut on a mitre saw.

    Start by measuring the wall and marking the centre. This is where you will start adding the slats to ensure there are an equal number of pieces on either side. When measuring the height of your slats, be sure to measure at points all along the wall, as some ceilings are not perfectly level. Cut your slats to length. Remember to take any outlets or switches into account as well and cut your slats so that they can fit above and below them seamlessly.

  3. Step 3 Attach your Slats to Your Wall

    A person uses a brad nailer to attach slats to their wall.

    Attach your spats to your wall using a brad nailer and 2” brad nails. Be sure to check that they’re level and spaced evenly throughout the process. You can even use drywall glue underneath each slat if you’d like some extra hold.

  4. Step 4 Fill Holes, Sand and Prime your Slats

    A person uses spackle to fill the brad nail holes in their slats.

    Next, fill all of the brad nail holes with wood filler or spackle and make sure that there are no divots or scuffs in the wood. If there are any, fill those with the wood filler as well. Let it dry, and then sand it smooth. Apply the same primer that you put on the wall beneath and let it dry.

  5. Step 5 Paint your Slat Wall

    A person uses a spray gun to paint their slat wall.

    Once your primer is dry, you can paint the wall in your favourite colour. Using a paint sprayer is the most efficient method, but you can use a roller instead if you want. An indoor satin paint is a good choice as it gives you an elegant, soft sheen that looks great in any lighting and is easy to clean.

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