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Deck Boards & Deck Tiles

Browse through our wide selection of deck board types and stylish deck tiles to personalize your living space.

Wood boards are available in regular cedar and pressure treated options.

Increased resilience, durability and low maintenance.

Easy to install over existing surfaces with attractive designs and patterns.

Deck Railing

Railings are essential in keeping a taller deck safe and secure. We've got a great selection of Balusters, Rails and more.

Plan And Design Your Deck Railing In Minutes

Start Your Aluminum Railing Project

Enhance the Look of your Deck with Peak RailBlazers

Step 1: Draw Your Deck

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Start Your Glass Railing Project

Get Beautiful Unobstructed Views With Peak MountainView

Step 1: Draw Your Deck

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Compliment Your Outdoor Living Space

Create an outdoor oasis with pergolas, lattices and more. You can even add a privacy screen for added peace and quiet.

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Ideas and How-to

Building a deck in your yard is a great way to increase the amount of space you have for entertaining and relaxing outdoors. It adds both an aesthetic boost to your yard and value to your home.

Deck Boards and Tiles

There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting your deck boards or deck tiles. Cedar deck boards are rot and weather resistant and have a beautiful colour to them which makes them a great choice, but they are more expensive than some of the other choices. Pressure-treated lumber is injected with anti-rot and insecticide agents to help it stand up to weather and pests. It is a less expensive option and one of the most popular choices for deck building. Composite deck boards are made of wood fiber and recycled polyethylene and don’t require any finish or stain. They last the longest as they don’t rot or decay. They also closely resemble wood but must be pre-drilled to avoid cracking when installing.

Ensure your Deck is Safe and Secure

If your deck is built past a certain height, you’ll need railings to keep it safe and secure. Aluminum deck railings, wood deck railings and other metal deck railings are all great options. Check your local building codes to make sure that your deck railings meet their specifications for safety.

No matter what type of deck you’re looking to build, you’ll find the materials, tools and accessories you’ll need at The Home Depot Canada.