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Door Hardware

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We carry a wide range of door knobs, levers, locks and more in a variety of finishes.

Door Levers by Type

Find the right door lever for entrance doors, bathroom doors, bedroom doors and more.

Door Knobs by Type

Choose a door knob based on function, for example security doors, privacy doors, easy access doors and more. 

Electronic Door Locks & Deadbolts by Technology

Modernize your door hardware with keyless options.

Enhance Home Security with Entry Door Locks

Feel safe and secure in your home with the right entry door hardware.

Shop All Door Hardware for All Kinds of Doors

Browse our wide selection of door hardware to find exactly what you need, from patio doors to barn doors.

Door Hardware Accessories

Complete your door project with hinges, latches, viewers, chains and more.

Commercial Door Hardware

Door closers, deadbolts and knobs and levers durable enough for commercial use in hospitals, school, office buildings and more.

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Ideas & How-to

Feel Safe & Secure with the Right Door Hardware

It is important to get the right door hardware to increase the security of your home. For exterior doors, you’ll need to choose door handles, such as door knobs and door levers, and front door locks and deadbolts. You can go with the traditional keyed entry or go modern with a smart door lock that you control from a smart phone or electronic door lock, such as a keypad door lock where you type in a custom code to gain entry to your home.

What Type of Door Knob or Door Lever Do You Need?

 The Home Depot Canada carries a wide variety of door knobs and door levers in a variety of styles and finishes. First, identify which door handle you need. Do you need privacy door knobs or privacy door levers for a bathroom or bedroom? Do you need dummy door knobs or dummy door levers for a pantry? Or do you need passage door knobs or passage door levers for a closet? You can find exactly what you’re looking for in-store or online.

Find Door Hardware for the Right Type of Door

There are many types of interior doors and some might have specific door hardware. Make sure you are buying the right door hardware for the right type of door. The Home Depot Canada has barn door hardware, sliding door hardware, pocket door hardware, patio door handles, screen door handles and more. 

Find a Finish You Love

There are a variety of finishes to choose from when it comes to door hardware so you can match your door knobs and door levers to the rest of your home décor. Try black door handles for a more modern look, brass door knobs for an elegant look or stick with the classics and go for the chrome door handle. 

Accessorize Your Doors

Don’t forget about door hardware accessories! There are many ways to accessorize your doors. You can add more door locks and chains for extra security, door stoppers for added convenience, door knockers for visitors to use upon arrival and door viewers to see who is calling. If you are in need of fixing or replacing door hardware accessories, The Home Depot Canada also carries replacement door hinges, door latches and door plates for interior and exterior doors.