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Stock up on different types of screws for different projects.

Different Types of Screws and Their Uses


Find the right type and size of nail for your project.

Different Types of Nails and Their Uses

Collated Nails, Screws & Staples

Use collated nails for finishing and framing and collated screws for drywall installation.


Choose the right bolt for the job, from u-bolts and eye bolts to lag bolts.


Secure your project with the right anchors.


Find all of the different types of nuts in one place.


Match the right washer to your bolt or screw.

More Fastener Categories

Complete your project with the right fasteners.

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Ideas & How-to

Shop Fasteners for Every Project

Whether you're doing a few projects around the house or work on construction projects for a living, having the right fasteners on hand is essential to the quality of the finished project. The Home Depot Canada has a wide selection of fasteners from top brands you can trust. Stock up on different types of screws, nails, nuts, bolts, anchors, staples and more so you’re prepared for any project that might come up. 

Stock Up on Essential Fasteners

Every homeowner, hobbyist and professional contractor requires a full range of essential fasteners to complete projects in a durable and quality manner. These classic fasteners come in a full range of size and finish options, making it easy to find the ideal ones for every application. Whether you're outfitting your toolbox for the first time or just ensuring you have all the essentials currently in stock, The Home Depot Canada has all your fastener needs. 

Nails & Screws for Your Projects

Every toolbox should be stocked with different types of nails and screws. If you want to put up a picture on the wall, you’ll need hanging nails. From hanging nails for putting up pictures on the wall to heavy duty roofing nails, framing nails and brad nails. Building a deck? Make sure you have decking screws on hand. Make sure you also have concrete screws, wood screws and drywall screws for other major home renovations you might have planned. The Home Depot Canada has a wide selection of nails and screws for every home project or professional job. 

Secure Your Project with the Right Fastener

To ensure a quality finished project, there are many fasteners to help keep things secure and durable. Hang a heavy shelf with drywall anchors. Mount your television with toggle bolts. Hang up tool organizers with magnets in the garage. Use rivets to fix your gutters. There’s a durable fastener for every job around the house.