The Right Fasteners for Every Project

Whether you're doing a few honey-do projects around the house or do construction projects for a living, having the right fasteners on hand is essential to the quality of the finished project. The Home Depot provides a huge selection of fasteners by the top name brands you trust. Outfit your tool kit with a wide range of everyday fasteners and you’ll be ready to complete any project that pops up.

Stocking Up on Essential Fasteners

Every homeowner, hobbyist, and professional contractor requires a full range of essential fasteners to complete projects in a refined, durable, and quality manner. These classic fasteners come in a full range of size and finish options, making it easy to find the ideal ones for every application. Whether you're outfitting your toolbox for the first time or just ensuring you have all the essentials currently in stock, this list of essential fasteners acts as a great starting guide:

Tools & Fasteners for Everyday Household Projects

Decorating your home means hanging pictures, mounting wall hooks, installing bathroom hardware, and installing curtain rods over windows. These everyday projects are easy to accomplish with a few standard tools and a variety of fasteners. In addition to stocking up on nails, screws, and wall anchors, make sure your toolbox includes:

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Wrenches
  • Power Drill
  • Stud Finder
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring Tape

Starter Kits for the New Homeowner

Every homeowner needs a complete set of tools and fasteners to tackle those home projects, but purchasing everything for the first time can be daunting. Check out the many fastener kits and tool kits to find the ones you need for your decorating needs. These kits provide a wide range of fasteners in smaller quantities. They often come in a convenient carry case that organizes the components into small cubbies. Once you use all of one product, look for just that item to refill your kit.

The Proper Tools for Picture & Mirror Hanging >

Hanging your photos and mirrors on the wall is all about having the proper hardware. Picture hooks are designed to drive in nails at an angle, making them strong enough to support your artwork, even without a stud. Purchase a complete picture hanging set and enjoy all the fasteners you need in one compact kit. Some picture-hanging essentials include:

•  Nails
•  Level
•  Picture Hooks
•  Wall Anchors
•  Sawtooth kits
•  Picture Hanging Wire

Using Hook & Loop Fasteners to Decorate Your Home >

When you want to adhere something to the wall but don't want to cause permanent damage, removable hook and loop fasteners make a great choice. These no-damage fasteners can adhere to walls, cabinets, shelves, and more. Removable hook and loop fasteners are also a wonderful solution for hanging your Halloween and Christmas decorations.

When you’re looking for a more permanent solution, check out the collection of industrial hook and loop fasteners with permanent adhesive. These heavier duty options are great for adhering cushions onto your outdoor furniture, storage racks onto the wall, and curtains in front of a vanity opening. Consider how you’re going to use the product and make sure the package you select is rated for the proper weight limit.