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Ideas & How-to

Stylish Landscaping for Every Home

Make your home look its best from the minute you drive up to the property by providing fashionable landscaping to your exterior. Your yard, flower beds, walkways, and architectural elements all combine to create a first impression of your home. With the right landscaping materials and a little inspiration you can have a home that looks like it was professionally landscaped at a fraction of the cost.

Adding Hardscaping with Pavers and Step Stones

Pavers and step stones are available in an array of different size, colours, and materials, making it easy to create a simple walkway around the side of your property or install an elaborate back patio. Hardscaped area are a great addition to any back yard because they work to extend the living area of the home by creating an outdoor living area or dining room. Landscaping stones are easy to maintain and can be placed in many different arrangements for a customized look.

Establishing Flower Beds with Edging

Adding garden edging around the perimeter of your flowers helps to define the space and create a clean garden border for the edge of your lawn. Most lawn edging is flexible in nature and easy to keep in place using garden stakes. Keep it traditional with bricks and stones or opt for a more contemporary faux wood material for added flair.

Promoting Healthy Growth with Soil & Soil Enhancers

Ensure all the plants around your home thrive by providing them with nutrient-rich garden soil. Potting soil is ideal for use in planters but when you are planting a larger garden, soil enhancers can help add those nutrients back into your existing soil.

Control Weeds with Landscaping Fabric

Laying down weed-control landscape fabric over your soil before you do your planting will save you many hours of weeding your flower beds. Landscaping fabric can also help to keep the soil moist and root systems protected.

Add Colour & Texture with Mulch & Landscaping Rocks

Give your flower beds that chic finishing touch by topping them with a beautiful layer of mulch or landscaping rocks. Landscaping essential should be refreshed every year to keep the area looking perfectly maintained.

Elevate Your Landscaping with Garden Wall Blocks

Create retaining walls, garden borders, and raised flower beds by creating landscaping accents using garden wall blocks and landscaping bricks.

Complete Landscaping Projects with the Right Accessories

Completing all the landscaping projects you have is easy when you have the right tools and accessories for the job. Gardening hand tools, tillers, and lawn mowers are just a couple of the things you need to keep everything looking trim. When you’re installing new landscaping, stakes, zip ties, and landscape fabric anchors can be convenient to have on-hand.

When you refine the landscaping around your home and add an array of local plants, the whole property becomes colourful, more vibrant, and more attractive to local wildlife. Start with top-quality landscape materials and add visual interest with colourful flowers and textural plants. Make sure to choose a few plants that bloom in each season for all-year beauty.

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