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Welding & Soldering

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We carry a wide variety of welders so you can find the right tool for the job.

Stock Up on Welding Supplies

Serious welders and hobbyists alike all require the right supplies to get the job done. Look for welding wire, welding rods, welding tips and welding brushes online or in store.

Stay Safe with Protective Welding Gear

A quality welder and the right supplies are a must-have for Pros and DIYers. Safety gear like welding helmets, welding gloves and protective eyewear let you take on any project safely.

Soldering Supplies & Torches

Solder like a Pro with soldering irons and guns. You’ll also find soldering flux, wires, torches and fuel tanks in stock now.

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Find All of Your Welding Needs at The Home Depot Canada

Whether you’re making automotive repairs, working on a job site or welding something from scratch, you need the right welder and accessories to get the work done. We’ve got what you need at The Home Depot Canada no matter what kind of work you do. We’ve even got welders for serious Pros and hobbyists just getting their feet wet in the welding pool.

Shop Welders 

Different types of welding require different tools. When it comes to welders, we’ve got tons of different options available at The Home Depot Canada. For DIYers and basic use, a stick welder is a must-have tool. A multi-process welder offers some of that same flexibility with a slightly steeper learning curve. For more advanced welding that requires shielding gas, a MIG welder can be used to weld nearly any metal. Interested in working with heavier metals? A flux cored welder is a great pick for heavy-duty industrial applications. A TIG welder can be especially useful if you plan to work with aluminum. Need a welder you can use outdoors or on-the-go? An engine driven welder that runs of fuel could be the best bet for you. Whatever you plan to do, we’ve got the welding machine you need today. We’ve also got soldering tools, soldering torches and accessories like solder wire in stock.

Order Essential Welding Accessories

You’ve got the right welding machine and now you need accessories to keep working. We’ve got replacement welding supplies like a range of welding rod designs, welding wire, welding cable and more. We’ve even got MIG wire and flux core wire ready to ship or pick up.

Don’t Forget Safety Gear

Stay safe while you weld with a welding helmet, welding jacket, protective eyewear and welding glove set from The Home Depot Canada. You can also find a range of specialty products like Pro welding glasses in our lineup. Get welders, supplies and safety gear for your workshop or next project today. We’re you’re one-stop welding shop whether you’re a Pro or a DIY enthusiast.

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