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Choosing the Right Front Door: Fibreglass

Barn Door Installation: How to Install a Barn Door

How To Install An Interior Door

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Adding or replacing a door is an effective way of updating an entryway or creating some separation throughout your home. Interior doors, entry doors, patio and storm doors and all of their hardware are all available at The Home Depot Canada, so you’ll have whatever you need to complete your next door project.

Exterior & Interior Doors

Are you looking to add an entryway to a room or create some separation or privacy in certain areas of your home? Interior doors come in various styles and materials – including fiberglass, wood, steel and more to suit any design style. They also come in various styles including sliding barn doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and more, giving you nearly endless design options.

Choose from stylish exterior doors to set the tone for what awaits inside. You can easily upgrade your existing front doors with inserts as well, so you can refresh the look without changing the door itself. You can even install a dog door or a cat door for the family pet.

Doors Styles

Complete the look of your home by choosing the right door style to match your décor. If you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse look then barn doors are an excellent option to compliment your style. This type of sliding door is visually intriguing and like pocket doors are great for spaces that may not be ideal for traditional swing-out doors. 

French doors are another great option. They are versatile and can be used for both exterior and interior spaces like patios, balconies or even as a separator between your living and dining room areas.

Find doors that suit your style and budget at the Home Depot Canada.