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Customer Support

eReceipts FAQ


What are eReceipts?
  • Upon checkout in our stores, you now have the option to have a duplicate electronic copy of your paper receipt emailed directly to you within minutes, in addition to receiving a paper copy at the time of purchase, refund or account payment.
How do I register to receive eReceipts for my purchases?
  • During checkout on the pinpad, you can register by entering a credit/debit card and confirming your email address. Then eReceipts will be emailed to you for all subsequent in-store sales, refunds or account payments associated with the registered credit/debit card used during the transaction.
Will I have to enter my email address every time I want an eReceipt?
  • No. Once you register your email using a credit/debit card, you simply have to swipe that card during your next transaction, verify your email address and then you will automatically receive an eReceipt.
Can I register multiple email addresses?
  • No, you can only register one email address per credit/debit card.
How long will it take for me to receive the eReceipt after I make my purchase?
  • You should receive the eReceipt minutes after the transaction (sale, refund or payment on account).
Will I still receive paper receipts?
  • Yes, paper receipts will continue to be provided.
Can I use my eReceipt to make a return?
  • Yes, eReceipts can be used to process returns just like a paper receipt.
Can I return a purchase if I lost my eReceipt?
  • Yes. Receipts for purchases (including eReceipts) made with credit, debit or check within the last 90 days may be located in our system. Ask a store associate about receipt look up.
By signing up for eReceipts, does that mean that you will send me spam and other marketing that I do not want?
  • No. The Home Depot strives to communicate with our customers when and how they want to hear from us. If you would like The Home Depot to contact you by email about our special offers and promotions, how-to project information or great design ideas, please visit the Email Sign Up page on our website.


I signed up for an eReceipt but did not receive it.
  • When you signed up to receive eReceipts, you registered either a credit/debit card with us. You can verify and change the email address that you used when you signed up for eReceipts by using your registered credit card during your next in store transaction with us.

Can I receive my eReceipt again if I lost it?
  • We do not have the ability to send duplicate eReceipts.


What if I do not want to receive an eReceipt during my next in store transaction?
  • If you no longer want to receive an eReceipt for transactions made with the certain credit/debit card you registered with us, simply use that credit/debit card during your next in store transaction and select "unregister" on the pinpad. Alternatively, please contact The Privacy Office at 416.386.5841 or to unregister.

The email address you have for me is an old email address. How do I update it?
  • Select the "Change Email" button on the pinpad when you are prompted to verify your email address. You can then update the email address you would like to have your eReceipt sent to.