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How to Build a Floating Dock - DIY Video

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Choose the Right Dock for Your Needs

If you have a water-front property or large pond, you’ll need a sturdy dock for your boat. The Home Depot Canada carries different types of docks, from stationary to floating docks. You can also find different styles, including straight docks, patio docks, truss docks and dock ramps. If you’re building a dock from the ground up, you’ll find all the materials you need or you can purchase a dock kit. Once your dock is complete, remember to do regular maintenance so you can enjoy your dock for years to come. 

Stock Up on Dock Hardware

Building your new dock is much easier when you have all the right hardware. Stock up on connectors, hinges and brackets to ensure your dock is sturdy. Get cleats, rope and fender lines to tie up your boat, shackles for your anchor and caps to protect pilings from the elements. Install a dock ladder if you have deep enough water to swim in. Do some research, make a list and visit The Home Depot Canada to get all the dock hardware you need to complete your project with ease. 

Dock & Boat Accessories 

With the proper dock and boat accessories, you can increase safety, add convenience and show your personality. Increase safety and add ambiance with dock lighting. Install a portable toilet on your boat so you can stay out on the water longer. Install dock bumpers or mooring whips to eliminate docking damage. Show your pride with a flag pole on the dock or back of your boat. Whatever dock accessories you need, The Home Depot Canada has a variety to choose from so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.