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Entry & Mudroom

Set Up a Welcoming and Organized Space

Set Up a Welcoming and Organized Space

An entryway is the first impression of a home, so make sure it reflects your style and suits your family’s needs. Add seating, storage and accessories to create a personalized entry or mudroom.

Entry & Mudroom Essentials

The entryway should be one of the most fashionable and functional areas of your home. The addition of coat racks, shoe racks, console tables and decorative accents will make it feel warm, inviting and organized.

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Home Entry Design

Most homes have two main entry points. Your front door entry design needs to be a beautiful place that welcomes guests while serving the daily needs of your family. Beautiful hall treeswall-mounted shelves and decorative entry tables are just a few of the furnishings that will enhance the functionality of this area of your home. A mirror on the wall reflects light and adds a place to give yourself a last-minute glance before leaving the house.

If you have an entry near the garage door, the mudroom ideas can be much more utilitarian. Storage lockers, a series of hooks and storage benches will provide a place to hang jackets and bags, kick off shoes and store last-minute items.

Organization is all about having the proper items to suit the needs of the members of your household. Think about what your daily life looks like and decorate your mudroom to accommodate those needs. Perhaps you require a designated place for sports equipment, durable hooks for backpacks or a handy place to keep your keys.

The entry to your home is one of the most high-traffic areas of your house. Keep the floor looking new by adding a durable entry rug designed to hold up to the heavy foot traffic. Rugs constructed of natural fibres like sisal add a casual look to your space. For something even stronger, choose a synthetic indoor/outdoor rug that can be hosed off whenever it gets dirty.

DIY Mudroom Ideas

Transforming the look of your mudroom doesn't have to be a large undertaking. Simple DIY projects like installing a series of hooks or shelves can be accomplished in just an hour or two and can make a big impact on the organization of your space. Select a few baskets to organize the shoes of each family member. They will stay contained and the baskets help keep dirt off your floor. Customizing your own entry items ensures the pieces are tailored to the needs of your family.