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Storage for all of Your Tools

When you’re tackling multiple projects, your collection of tools can start adding up quickly, and you’ll need some place to store them when not in use. There is a multitude of tool storage options including chests, boxes and even carts, all designed to protect and organize your tools, and all available at The Home Depot Canada.    

Tool Cabinets

These storage solutions come in tiers, with the first or bottom one being the base on which the others rest. Bottom tool cabinets are generally bigger and can support the weight of other cabinets on top. The middle and top tool chests are designed to stack upon each other on top of the bottom one and hold your tools. This both keeps your tools protected from the elements and organizes them so you can always find what you’re looking for when you need it.    

Tool Boxes

These are generally used to store your most-used tools. Pliers, screwdrivers and more are just an arm's length away while you’re working with the right tool box. Often equipped with sections and raisers, they offer multiple tiered storage solutions in a compact design.    

Tool Belts

When you need tools with you and don’t want to carry a toolbox, a tool belt is a perfect solution. While they don’t hold as many tools as a cabinet or box, they’re on you at all time, making belts a convenient and portable way to carry the tools you need immediately. They’re perfect for hammers, drills, tape measures and more.

Truck Tool Boxes

These storage solutions fit on or in the bed of your truck, giving you the ultimate in portability for small and large tools alike. Always have exactly what you need regardless of where you are with a well-stocked truck tool box.