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Deck Builders and Fence Installation Services

Deck Builders and Fence Installation Services

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About Deck Builders and Fence Installation Services

The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a skilled Local Pro you can trust to help with your deck and fence installation, repair and replacement projects, wherever or whenever they arise.

Available Deck Builders and Fence Installation Services

How It Works

1 Need help with a project?

Let us know what help you need and when you need it done, and we’ll connect you with Local Pros for the job. Simply submit a request online or talk to one of our friendly store associates.

2 Compare Local Pros

You will be contacted by up to three Local Pros that are connected to you based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability and obtain a quote from those you choose to work with.

3 Complete Your Job

Hire the Local Pro that is right for you. After the project is complete, leave a review and let everyone know how it went.

Advantages of Local Pro Over DIY

Save time and money

The DIY route can be the most rewarding option, but not necessarily the quickest or cheapest. That’s because an experienced Local Pro can get the job done right.

Stress less

No need to worry. There’s no troubleshooting, no learning as you go and no hunting for the right tools and supplies. Simply hire a Local Pro and they’ll take care of things for you.

Get things done

Most deck builders and fence installers are capable of taking care of a full range of deck & fence installation and repair jobs. They can cross multiple items off your to-do list.

Choosing the Right Material For Your Deck & Fence Projects

There are a range of material options available for your deck building & fence installation project, each with its own unique qualities. When choosing a deck builder or fence installer, inquire first about which materials they use and which ones they recommend for your project.

Deck materials

Material type

Things to Consider

Pressure-treated wood

The most affordable option; treated to resist rot and termites; good durability with a regular care and maintenance


A highly durable natural wood material for a slightly higher price than pressure-treated


Composed of wood and plastic material; available in a full range of colour options. Durable, with a range of products at various price points

Fence materials

Material type

Things To Consider


Affordable and easy to install, but offers less privacy and may be less durable than other options

Pressure-treated wood

Affordable, high-privacy option; excellent durability with regular care and maintenance


A highly durable, high-privacy, natural wood material for a slightly higher price than pressure-treated

Metal fencing (usually iron or aluminum)

Strong, long-lasting, secure and aesthetically pleasing; however, offers less privacy and may be more expensive than other options

For further assistance choosing a material for your deck and/or fence project, you can check out our buying guide: Choosing the Best Decking Material

5 Things to Consider for Your Deck Building or Fence Installation Project

It’s always a good idea to do some preliminary research and have a basic idea of what you want before you hire a deck builder or fence installer and get your project started.

Deck Installation

1 Purpose

Is it a new deck construction or fence installation? Is it to improve security and privacy in your backyard or is it simply to make it a more enjoyable space?

2 Budget

Shop for estimates and set your expectations early on. While it’s uncommon for a new deck construction to cost less than $4-5,000, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more than $10,000 to get what you want.

3 Material and Cost

Natural wood decks and fences may give you the look you want without any further colour considerations. Composite products, however, are available in a range of colours. Or you can paint your wooden deck or fence to suit your own preferences.

4 Design and Layout

What shape and size of deck or style of residential fencing do you want? How must it be built to conform to the dimensions of your house or yard, the grading of the landscape or just the shape you want?

5 Additional Features

Consider the type of railings you want for your deck, the design features for your fencing, the type of gate, or any other add-ons for your deck such as built-in pergolas, benches and tables.

5 Questions to Ask Your Deck Builder or Fence Installer Before They Start

Deck Installation

When hiring a deck builder or fencing contractor, it’s important to communicate your expectations, as well as to be clear on what is or isn’t included with their deck building and fence installation services. Make sure from the start that everyone’s on the same page by asking about the following:

1 Do I need to secure my own permits and utility locates?

Deck building and fence installation often requires a building permit, as well as utility locates prior to digging. Some deck and fence contractors prefer to secure all permits and utility locates themselves; others will ask you to do it. Please ensure that you or your Pro have made these arrangements before work begins

2 What kinds of deck and/or fence work do you do?

One of your first questions should be to determine whether the Local Pro does both deck and fence installation and repair, as well as what sorts of projects they will cover. Some Pros may specialize in either decks or fences, while others may do replacement and construction but not repairs. It’s important to set clear expectations from the start

3 Will you repair or replace my deck or fence?

Most deck builders and fence installers will begin their work by assessing the condition of your existing deck and/or fence. They can then determine whether some components of your existing deck and/or fence can be kept and whether a simple repair, partial replacement or full replacement is necessary

4 Do you provide a contract and guarantee your work?

Ask for an itemized record of the work that the deck builder or fence company has been hired to complete, signed before work has begun. Verify whether they guarantee their work, in order to ensure you are fully satisfied once the job is done

5 Will you help me choose a design and material?

Most deck builders and fence installers will create and share a design for your new deck and present it for your approval prior to starting your project. You will be presented with a range of material choices as well, from pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite and metal options for your deck, fence and/or railings

Fixing Made Easy – Home Services Local Pros are:

Background check

Background Checked

All Local Pros are independently background checked.

Rated and Reviewed

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

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