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Seasonal Projects

Repair and maintain your home with these top seasonal projects.

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Comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklists for Every Season

Ensure your home stands resilient against Canada's diverse seasons by having a comprehensive home maintenance checklist. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just getting started, these detailed guides will help you prepare your home for the challenges of each season, promoting longevity and minimizing potential issues. For winter, focus on safeguarding your home against the harsh elements. Inspect your insulation, weatherstripping, and windows to prevent heat loss. Clear gutters of ice dams, check for roof leaks, and service your heating system for optimal performance during the cold months. In the spring, examine your roof for any winter-induced damage, clean out gutters and ensure proper drainage. Inspect your exterior for any paint peeling or siding damage. Tune up your air conditioning system and attend to any landscaping needs that may have been neglected over the winter. 

In the summer, start by preparing your home for the upcoming months. Clean and repair decks and patios, inspect your home's foundation, and assess the condition of your windows and doors. As temperatures start to drop near winter, focus on fortifying your home for the colder days ahead. Clear leaves and debris from gutters, inspect your chimney, and schedule a furnace maintenance check. Seal any gaps or cracks in doors and windows, ensuring your home remains energy-efficient throughout the winter. 

Utilize a comprehensive home maintenance checklist to keep your property in top shape year-round.