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Woodworking Supplies

Lumber and Wood Boards

Appearance Boards & Planks

Wall Panelling

Add a unique style to your walls.

Trendwatch: Live Edge DIY and Shiplap

Live Edge DIY

Each piece of live edge wood has a unique edge profile, and can be stained or finished in a variety of ways.


Shiplap is easy to install and comes in a multitude of styles and finishes.

Woodworking Tools

Browse our Expansive Catalogue of Woodworking Tools

Wood Finishing Supplies & Adhesives

The Perfect Tools for your Woodworking Job

No matter what woodworking project you’re tackling, we’ve got the tools and accessories to help you cut, build and finish with ease.

Lumber and Wood Boards

The right material is important when woodworking, and we’ve got various types of wood including finished and unfinished wood boards, smooth or pre-painted MDF boards, plywood sheets and more. So, whether you’re building a shelf or a cabinet, a table or a frame, you’re sure to have the right wood for the project. 

Woodworking Tools

Woodworking projects are much easier when you’ve got the right tools for the job. Jig saws can make smaller, more intricate cuts to help you get the detail you’re looking for. Mitre saws can quickly cut lumber either straight or at an angle for joining. A table saw can help you cut long runs of material, while a planer can take the roughness out of a board and leave you with a smooth face that’s ready to be joined or finished. To get an even more smooth finish, consider a belt sander for your next job.

Woodworking Projects

We’ve also got a great selection of online DIY projects for you to try, including building planters, hanging shelves, workbenches and more. With these great DIY ideas and step-by-step guides, you’re sure to bring your woodworking skills to the next level.

Wood Finishing Supplies and Adhesives

Wood finishing products like stains and waxes can provide a finished look to and even help protect your woodworking projects. Wood sealer, interior wood stain and wood glue are all key components to a woodworking project and should be on your list of essential items.

So for your next woodworking project, head to your local Home Depot or online to to pick up the tools, accessories and supplies you need.