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Whether you’re a carpenter by trade or do woodworking as a hobby, The Home Depot Canada has all the woodworking tools you’ll need to get the job done. You can purchase wood planers, wood lathes and wood routers, woodworking benches, vises and clamps and other carpentry supplies to create beautiful wooden pieces. 

One-stop Shop for Woodworking Needs

While you are picking up your woodworking power tools, hand tools and tool accessories, you can also pick up woodworking supplies like wood stains and finishes, paint, safety gear, lighting, vacuums and more. The Home Depot Canada has exactly what you need to finish your projects from start to finish.

Wood Routers: What to consider

Before purchasing a wood router and bit set, take into consideration the type of woodworking you will be doing. Do you need a fixed base or plunge wood router? Fixed base wood routers come with a stationary base and are perfect for woodworking beginners, while the plunge wood router has a spring loaded base and offers more versatility. Also take into consideration the horsepower, variable speed, collet diameter, grip and dust control to ensure you’re buying the right wood router for your project.

Wood Planers vs. Wood Jointers

Do you know the difference between wood planers and wood jointers? Serious woodworkers, craftsmen and extreme DIYers would be interested in investing in these tools. Quality woodworking begins with a milled piece of lumber where both faces and edges are flat, square and parallel to one another. Wood jointers will produce one flat, square face and one flat, square edge. Wood planers will ensure both faces and edges of the lumber are parallel or co-planer. Therefore, using both tools will give you the perfect piece of lumber to work with for your woodworking project.